Patients >16years of age can visit the practice

Clinical examination

Depending on presenting issue, a thorough medical history will be taken and extensive clinical examination will be performed in order to bettew address the patient’s issue.

Infectious Diseases

Dr Meliou is a certified infectious diseases specialist. Acute or chronic infectious diseases can be assessed, treated or followed-up in our practice

Gynecological Infections

In our practice we deal with gynecological infections, infections during pregnancy or post-partum period with all their special needs

Sexually transmitted diseases

You can contact our practice if you are concerned, want to be testes or suffer from a sexually transmitted disease

Health certificate for driving permit

After clinical examination, if all requirements are met, we issue the health certicicate needed for issue or renewal of driving permit

Helath certificates for work

In our practice we issue health certificates for employment. If specific tests are needed for your work permit then first book an appointment for the prescription of the tests

Health certificate for athletic activities

After medical history and clinical examination and if requirements are met, we issue health certificates for sports, gym, swimming etc

Travel medicine

If you are travelling, especially in exotic destinations, you will probably need special vaccinations or medication. In our practice we offer travel medical advice and prescribe the needed vaccinations or medications.


We are certified in HDIKA system of electronic prescription used in most of Greek insurance bodies. In other cases prescription remains handwritten

Diabetes mellitus

We treat patients with diabetes mellitus


We treat patients with hypertension


Based on national guidelines we offer prescription of necessary vaccines

Leave of absence for medical reasons is issued only after clinical examination

Dr Meliou is not in the EOPYY system of Personal Doctor

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